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We Help You Transport Patients On-Time at a Reduced Cost.

The Patient Transport System (PTS) automates all tasks from requesting transports, to making optimum assignments, to monitoring response time and identifying roadblocks, to documenting performance results. As a plus it helps you establish internal benchmarks, and reduce the need for clinical personnel to perform transports.




Avoid conflicts when scheduling patient trips

Coordinate multiple trips 

Speed up discharge notification

Notify testing areas of patient arrival times

Move other items 


Do More With Less

Information is power. The PTS system collects, organizes, and reports information that enables managers to identify response times, demand volumes by time of day, transport bottlenecks, and also a way to measure actual performance of the department and individual employees against internal benchmark standards.

Better Service. Lower Costs.

With PTS, you can enhance service levels and reduce costs, all with the same or fewer resources.

We have satisfied client hospitals ranging in size from 100 to 1,000 beds. From Community hospitals to academic medical centers. We welcome a contact by your hospital.


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"From a financial standpoint, your solutions far and away are a better value than our previous vendor. I think the financial savings alone was the main reason why we selected your company."

– Director, Materials Management
100 bed hospital

"Not having a lot of hands-on experience with similar products, this system is very user friendly. The ABC system support has always been very helpful anytime we've called. Also, it's great to have PFS join us in our Bed Board Meetings to help sort out any problems that arises. The ABC reports are very good to have - helpful and easy to access."

– Garry Hills
Director of Building Services