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On-time patient deliveries, reduced bed turnover times, and increased employee productivity are important for all hospitals — whether they’re operating with 100 beds or 1,000. Unfortunately, many smaller hospitals assume that patient flow technology won’t provide substantial benefits, or that it’s too expensive to make financial sense.

While these assumptions are true of some technologies, Patient Focus Systems products are affordable and provide tangible value regardless of your hospital’s size. 

Our Prices are Based on Your Size and Usage.testimonialthree-Palmer-_150_bed

Your volume of hospital transports, bed turnovers, and patient placement is unique to your hospital’s size. That’s why Patient Focus Systems tailors the price of our solutions to reflect the financial and patient care benefits realized by your hospital. Put simply, you only pay for the value you gain, and you don’t have to pay what large hospitals pay.

Once we determine measurable benefits, we assign an annual system cost based on a percentage of your realized benefits. For example, a hospital with an average census of 100-200 patients pays about 35 percent of the array of available benefits annually.

If you operate a smaller hospital and would like to increase cost control, employee productivity, and patient satisfaction, contact us today for a free ROI analysis. 

PFS Delivers Measurable Benefits

Most hospitals can expect an improvement of 4.65 minutes per transport due to automation of trip requests, assignments, progress reports, and completions. The percentage of added transport capacity ranges from 12 to 22 percent, depending on the average trip duration prior to implementing the technology. Additionally, you can expect:

  • The opportunity to reduce transport staff
  • Increased transport capacity Patient Flow Testimonial
  • Increase in available bed days
  • Increased revenue
  • Less patient waiting time and greater throughput of diagnostic tests
Contact us today to learn how PFS can help your hospital save money and improve patient care.