About Us

We Empower Medium Sized Hospitals to Improve Patient Care

Patient Focus Systems provides bed management and patient transport systems to enable performance measurement and the efficient management of transport activity. While we’re passionate about logistics, we’re even more passionate about helping medium sized hospitals succeed.

Why? Medium sized hospitals are integral to communities, as they provide a level of service and care that is unmatched by large conglomerates. We believe that medium sized hospitals can thrive, and offer the necessary support to help them realize their financial and patient care goals. To that end, we operate with the following ethos:

PFS is a catalyst for increased productivity and cost control.

Our solutions are based on setting attainable, internal benchmarks to increase on-time delivery of patients, reduce bed turn around times, and optimize employee resources.

We offer a fair pricing structure to hospitals of all sizes.

PFS pricing is based on time-savings, which results from automation of manual processes involved in every single bed turnaround and patient transport. Because our prices are transaction-based, they are automatically proportionate to the activity level of your hospital.

We listen to our customers.

We're dedicated to improving our solution based on the needs of our customer and the industry. Feedback is welcome and taken into consideration - we view customer requests as opportunities not burdens.

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