Access Bed Control

Support for efficient patient placement & bed management

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Automated Bed Management

Effective hospital bed management requires real-time patient and bed visibility, as well as coordination among staff groups. If you’re running these processes manually — as many medium sized hospitals do — you could be losing dozens of available bed days per year. Access Bed Control (ABC) provides a single, up-to-date portal for hospital staff to manage all bed needs.

On average, a 150-bed hospital can add 38 available bed days per year by using Access Bed Control. What would that mean for your revenue and patient satisfaction?

Patient Placement

Access Bed Control eliminates the need to make calls between several different departments. It provides all information the patient access staff and admitting department need to make the correct placement decisions. With the ABC patient placement module, you can:

1. Identify Patient Characteristics and Needs

Patient clinical characteristics and bed needs are collected from your hospital information system or entered manually. These can include things such as diagnosis, medical service, level of care, isolation, telemetry, fall precaution, near nursing station, observation, bariatric, and behavioral issues. This system works for all admits, pre-admits, and transfers.

2. Match a Patient with Ideal Bed

Patient access staff can focus on beds throughout the entire hospital or a specific unit that matches the incoming patient’s needs. The interface provides information about which beds are clean, room types available (private, semi-private), bed status (clean, dirty, in process, occupied), and other details.

3. Manage Bed Cleaning

If the target bed is dirty, the system will automatically assign the cleaning task and give an estimate of when the bed will be ready. It will also notify you upon completion of the assignment.

4. Enter Patient Transporation Requests

When a bed is selected and the patient is ready, the admitting staff member can enter a transport request. The system checks to avoid conflicts in transport, dispatches the most appropriate transporter, and updates the progress of the transport from pickup to completion.

This module integrates with our patient transportation system and discharge bed cleaning module to address all aspects of patient flow.

Discharge Cleaning

ABC collects and communicates patient discharges and transfers, then selects the appropriate employee to clean the bed and room for the next patient. The system also provides information about potentially infectious organisms for the safety of all involved in the cleaning process.

ABC follows the assignment through to the end, as it is programmed to monitor the bed cleaning process until it is available for the next patient. Once an assignment is completed, ABC stores and reports the results for future analysis by hospital directors and managers.

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